Heat Thermometer

Ventura County Was Hot And Cool Depending On Where You Were

Monday June 27, 2022

     On Monday in Ventura County, if you were on the beach in Ventura, it was a cool 70 but travel up Highway 33 into the Ojai Valley and the temperature rose 31 degrees to 101.

     Expect that situation to continue through the 4th of July, although the temperature difference between the coast and the valleys in Ventura County will narrow a bit as we approach Independence Day.

     Ojai was the hot spot at 101 with Fillmore and Simi Valley both recording highs Monday of 97 according to the National Weather Service.

     While the valleys of Ventura County ranged from the upper 90's to just over the century park, the coastal and inland coastal areas stayed relatively cool.

     As we said, it was 70 in Ventura with the National Weather Service Office in Oxnard recording 74.

     In Camarillo it was 79.