Ventura County Average Gasoline Prices Under $5 A Gallon

Monday December 05, 2022

     Updated--Monday morning's Triple-A Fuel Gauge Survey showed the average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Ventura County is continuing its journey below $5 a gallon.

     It was $4.91 a gallon.

     That's a quarter less than it was a week ago, 67 cents below a month ago, and $1.53 lower than the record high for Ventura County set exactly two months ago.

     And it is only about a 23 cents more than it was a year ago in the county.

     It is still $1.51 more than the current national average.

    When you look at individual stations, the drop in gasoline prices is even more dramatic.

     For instance, according to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gasoline in Ventura County remains Silvas in Ventura at $3.88 a gallon while Costco in Oxnard comes in at $3.95.

     Yes, that's right, they are under $4 a gallon.

     Meanwhile, diesel is still dropping slower than gasoline.

     According to the Triple-A, the average price for diesel in Ventura County is $6.10 a gallon.