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Jury Says Deadly Ventura Parking Structure Shooting In January Of 2020 Was Gang Related

Thursday December 01, 2022

     Updated--A Ventura jury Thursday decided that the deadly shooting at the Ventura beachside parking structure in January of 2020 was gang related.

     The jury had returned guilty verdicts a week ago in connection with a shooting that left one person dead and another wounded.

     They convicted Raymond Bolanos of Oxnard (photo) of second degree murder and attempted murder plus use of a firearm and more than 36 special allegations.

     Meanwhile, the jury convicted Julian Nunez of Ventura on a lesser charge of assault with a firearm and other firearms violations plus almost 20 special allegations.

     They found him not guilty of shooting out of the vehicle.

     The same jury then heard testimony this week about whether the shooting was gang related and Thursday they came back saying that it was.

     The 8 week long trial centered on the deadly incident in which the people inside of one vehicle got into an altercation with several other people standing outside of another vehicle on the top level of the Harbor Boulevard parking structure in Ventura.

     Shots were fired from Bolanos from inside the vehicle striking two of the people standing outside.

     One of them, Alejandro Hernandez of Ventura, was killed while another person was wounded but survived.

     While the jury decided that Nunez did not shoot at or hurt anyone in the incident, they did decide he was armed and was involved in pointing a gun at the victims.

     Both men remain in jail without bail and are scheduled to be sentenced on January 20th, almost exactly three years after the incident.

     The gang and firearm enhancements plus their past criminal records will add significant time onto their prison sentences.

     Bolanos, who is 27-years-old, is facing a maximum possible sentence of 90-years-to-life in state prison, plus almost 40 years more that would be tacked on to the end of that.

     Nunez, who is 29-years-old, is facing a maximum possible sentence of more than 34 years in state prison.