Ventura Sex Offender2

Compliance Checks Of Registered Sex Offenders In Ojai Valley

Monday November 21, 2022

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     Deputies conducted compliance checks on registered sex offenders in the Ojai Valley over the weekend.

     On Saturday, they checked on 37 registered sex offenders in both the city of Ojai and the surrounding unincorporated areas.

     Deputies say 27 of the registered sex offenders were found in compliance.

     Ten others were not home or had moved and detectives will do follow up investigations to see if they are in compliance.

     If the sex registrants moved without notifying the authorities they can be considered out of compliance.

     These compliance checks are state funded and are conducted by every law enforcement agency in Ventura County, everywhere in Ventura County, on a rotating basis.

     Residents of any area can check on registered sex offenders in their area by going to the Megan's Law website located at  www.meganslaw.ca.gov