Tesla Vandalism1

Car Helps Public Identify The Person Alleged To Have Vandalized It

Saturday January 21, 2023

     The Ventura County Sheriff's Office says that a Tesla helped the public in identifying a man who is alleged to have vandalized it.

     On January 10th, the owner of the Tesla noticed significantly deep scratches into the vehicle's paint.

     Tesla's come with a video monitoring system that captured the vandal in the act.

     The owner filed a crime report and then posted the video on social media and several citizens called the Thousand Oaks Police Department and identified the suspect.

     That individual, a 55-year-old Newbury Park man, was arrested at his residence.

     The detectives say they also found evidence at the residence believed related to the crime.

     The suspect was booked for vandalism over $400 and then he was released on bail.

     He is due in court on January 31st.

     No charges have been filed yet and because of that we are not identifying the individual, yet, but we will once charges are filed.