Dr. Mitchell Perry Show

The Dr. Mitchell Perry Show
Tune-Up Your Life with Dr. Mitchell Perry
(The People Performance and Relationship Expert)

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You are the instrument of your own performance so be sure to tune-up regularly. Invest this time in the only instrument you have with which to deal with life - YOURSELF.

Dr. J. Mitchell Perry is a dynamic human performance expert, executive coach, trainer, speaker and author. His Ventura, California based company, JM Perry Learning Technologies is a leading training and performance firm since 1976. His many clients have included Charles Schwab, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Dupont, EMC, Ericsson, Visa, AT&T, Hewlett Packard and many more.

As an internationally sought after expert on people, he has presented his programs in over 26 countries in multiple languages with great success. He has made over 1,000 presentations to Fortune 500 Companies and appears regularly on radio and television programs around the country. Featured in The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Time and Success Magazine as well as a host of other publications, Dr. Perry has written over 50 articles on Relationship Effectiveness, Optimum Leadership and Team Performance. His two books, The Road to Optimism and In the Zone as well as his CDs, audiotapes and videos are available to purchase through the JMPLT website www.jmperry.com.

Dr. Perry is an acclaimed international speaker. He was once again rated #1 speaker at the Wharton Business School’s 2000 Securities Industry Institute. Since 1990 he has been a top rated keynoter at the Ernst and Young, National Entrepreneur of the Year Awards sponsored by INC. Magazine, USA Today, and CNN.

A graduate of the University of the Pacific, Dr. Perry received his doctorate in counseling psychology. His mission is to “leverage human performance” by helping people learn to communicate and interact most effectively. As part of this mission, Dr. Perry has created many innovative training courses to take humankind to a new level of achievement. Participants in the Perry Teambuilding Adventures gain unique and extraordinary mental skills for every aspect of their lives- exponentially increasing their effectiveness.

As a corporate consultant and trainer, Dr. Perry facilitates strategic planning, conflict resolution, corporate relations, executive development seminars and leadership coaching. His People Tune-Up Series and Relationship Effectiveness courses offer interpersonal skills training in Communication, Marriage/Couples Tune-Up, Sales, Management and Customer/Client Relations. He brings to his presentations a unique and inspiring perspective. Audiences can easily identify with his message as his presentations offer “Substance plus Magic”, providing the tools necessary to unleash human potential as the most powerful resource available.