Woolsey Fire Attacking Ventura And LA Counties

Friday November 9, 2018

(Photos Woolsey Fire Smoke Plume from the Ventura County Fire/OES webcams)

      Remember, for official information and updates go to https://www.vcemergency.com/ 

     Update at 2:30 PM Friday---High winds have grounded the air tankers.  PCH is now closed between Point Mugu and Topanga Canyon Boulevard to allow for evacuations in Malibu and along the south coast of Ventura County.  The fire has jumped PCH at Yerba Buena Road near Neptune's Net, burning power lines in the area as it reaches the ocean. Mandatory Evacuation in effect for homes along Wood Ranch Pkwy west to First St; Long Cyn, to Valley Gate Rd. visit

     Traffic advisory: 101 between Reyes Adobe Road and Valley Circle is still closed in both directions after Woolsey Fire jumped the freeway.

     The 101 between Camarillo and Thousand Oaks is OPEN in both directions.

     Update at 2:30 PM Friday--The monster blaze known as the Woolsey Fire continues to devour homes and vegetation as it threatens a half-dozen communities in two counties Friday.

      The Woolsey Fire has consumed more than 14,000 acres since it broke out Thursday afternoon near Rocketdyne south of Simi Valley.

      Since then it has destroyed dozens of structures, including homes, in Bell Canyon, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Westlake Village and the south coast of Ventura County.

      Friday morning it jumped the 101 in Agoura Hills and has burned to the outskirts of Malibu prompting the evacuation of the entire city of 13,000.

      It's poised to burn to the sea, taking with it more structures.

      The evacuation of Malibu forced the CHP to use both the NB and SB lanes for just SB traffic.

      That shut down NB PCH at Topanga Canyon Road.

      As of 2 PM, the Woolsey Fire also threated Westlake Village and took another shot at Bell Canyon and east Thousand Oaks.

      It has also burned close to Pacific Coast Highway at the Ventura-LA County line.

      All this has triggered mandatory evacuations of the south coast of Ventura County along PCH, Westlake Village and the Hidden Hills community near Bell Canyon in addition to the areas that were already under evacuation orders issuse Thursday.

     They've also issued evacuation orders for everything south of the 101 between Westlake Boulevard and Topanga Canyon Road and south to the ocean.

     There were reports of more structures lost at the east side of Thousand Oaks.

     The Woolsey Fire has produced a smoke cloud rising thousands of feet in the sky creating an orange shroud that covers the Santa Monica Mountains from Point Mugu to Pacific Palisades.

     The fire has also jumped Long Canyon south of Simi Valley and it threatens the Wood Ranch area.

     The gusty northeast and east winds that have turned Woolsey into a monster will continue into Friday night before starting to diminish.

      Update Thursday night--Acting Governor Gavin Newsom today sent a letter to the President and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requesting a Presidential Emergency Declaration for Direct Federal Assistance to support the communities impacted by wildfires burning across the state, including the Camp Fire in Butte County, the Hill and Woolsey fires in Ventura County, the Nurse Fire in Solano County and fires in several other counties, including Lassen and Mendocino. 

     Update at 12:30 AM Friday morning from Ventura County Fire and OES "MANDATORY EVACUATIONS. All residents in LA County, LA City & Ventura County. North of 101 Fwy, South of Bell Canyon Rd., West of Valley Circle, East of Erbes Rd. Also North of Kanan Rd, West of Lindero Canyon to Erbes Rd extending North to Sunset Hills Bl.

   Update at 12:05 AM Friday morning---Woolsey Fire burning homes in Oak Park and threatening Lang Ranch in Thousand Oaks, mandatory evacuations were ordered for those areas.  Official information at https://www.vcemergency.com/ 

    For the latest official information on evacuations and road closures for the Hill and Woolsey fires go to https://www.vcemergency.com/ 

    The Hill Fire that started Thursday afternoon in Hill Canyon threatened the communities of Camarillo Springs, Dos Vientos, and Cal State Channel Islands but it has not damaged any structures or homes even though it did destroy some RV's near Camarillo Springs.

    It has burned more than 6,000 acres.

    For the latest evacuation and other official information go to https://www.vcemergency.com/ 

    From the National Weather Service here are wind gusts recorded midday Friday in Ventura County...


...Ventura County Mountains...
 3 NW Piru                    38 MPH    1215 PM 11/09   1929                 
 ...Ventura County Interior Valleys...
 Toland Park                  44 MPH    1010 AM 11/09   879                  
 Fillmore (Frey Canyon)       39 MPH    1231 PM 11/09   456                  
 Balcom Canyon                39 MPH    1020 AM 11/09   345                  
 Newhall Orchard              35 MPH    1230 PM 11/09   879                  
 ...Ventura County Coastal Valleys...
 South Mountain               50 MPH    1157 AM 11/09   2350                 
 Boney Mountain               49 MPH    0100 PM 11/09   1714                 
 Sandstone Peak               47 MPH    1045 AM 11/09   3110                 
 South Mountain               47 MPH    1000 AM 11/09   1980                 
 Cheseboro                    46 MPH    1238 PM 11/09   1707                 
 Balcom Canyon South          45 MPH    1040 AM 11/09   870                  
 Gillibrand Canyon            41 MPH    1140 AM 11/09   1515                 
 Malibu Hills (Decker Cyn)    40 MPH    0115 PM 11/09   1235                 
 Iron Trough Canyon           35 MPH    1110 AM 11/09   1627                 
 ...Ventura County Coast...
 Camarillo Apt.               49 MPH    1229 PM 11/09   77                   
 Point Mugu Nas               36 MPH    1148 AM 11/09   13                   
 Camarillo (ponderosa/temple) 35 MPH    1100 AM 11/09   173                  
 Ventura Harbor               35 MPH    1100 AM 11/09   42                   
 Oxnard Apt.                  35 MPH    0908 AM 11/09   66                   


...Ventura County Mountains...
 3 NW Piru                    38 MPH    1215 PM 11/09   1929                 
 ...Ventura County Interior Valleys...
 Toland Park                  44 MPH    1010 AM 11/09   879                  
 Fillmore (Frey Canyon)       39 MPH    1231 PM 11/09   456                  
 Balcom Canyon                39 MPH    1020 AM 11/09   345                  
 Newhall Orchard              35 MPH    1230 PM 11/09   879                  
 ...Ventura County Coastal Valleys...
 South Mountain               50 MPH    1157 AM 11/09   2350                 
 Boney Mountain               49 MPH    0100 PM 11/09   1714                 
 Sandstone Peak               47 MPH    1045 AM 11/09   3110                 
 South Mountain               47 MPH    1000 AM 11/09   1980                 
 Cheseboro                    46 MPH    1238 PM 11/09   1707                 
 Balcom Canyon South          45 MPH    1040 AM 11/09   870                  
 Gillibrand Canyon            41 MPH    1140 AM 11/09   1515                 
 Malibu Hills (Decker Cyn)    40 MPH    0115 PM 11/09   1235                 
 Iron Trough Canyon           35 MPH    1110 AM 11/09   1627                 
 ...Ventura County Coast...
 Camarillo Apt.               49 MPH    1229 PM 11/09   77                   
 Point Mugu Nas               36 MPH    1148 AM 11/09   13                   
 Camarillo (ponderosa/temple) 35 MPH    1100 AM 11/09   173                  
 Ventura Harbor               35 MPH    1100 AM 11/09   42                   
 Oxnard Apt.                  35 MPH    0908 AM 11/09   66