Ventura Police Use Less Lethal Round/K-9 To Subdue Woman With Gun

Thursday August 9, 2018

     Ventura police used a less lethal projectile and deployed a K-9 to subdue a woman who was brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot a propane tank.

   The incident late Wednesday night started out as a disturbance call in the 2100 block of Harbor Boulevard near Monmouth Way.

    A woman was waving a gun and refusing to comply with officer commands to drop it.

    They talked with her for 20 minutes but she still refused to drop the weapon and at one point threatened to fire it into a propane tank so they used a less lethal projectile and ultimately deployed the K-9 and she still fought the K-9 but did drop the gun and was taken into custody.

    The gun turned out to be a BB gun.

    Police say 35-year-old Guadalupe Juarez Lopez of Ventura was checked out at VCMC for some minor injuries sustained in the incident and then booked into the Ventura County Jail for brandishing an imitation firearm, violently resisting arrest, battery on a police K-9 and possession of methamphetamine.