Ventura PD Respond To A Disturbance At The Welfare Office

Tuesday January 15, 2019


A disturbance by a Port Hueneme man angry over losing his public assistance benefits prompted a response by Ventura police and fire to the County Human Services Agency office near the County Government Center in Ventura Tuesday afternoon.

   It also caused the lockdown of a nearby elementary school.

   Police say the 31-year-old man walked into the lobby of the office on Partridge Drive shortly after 2 PM and started banging his fists on the counter.

   Police received a number of 911 calls from employees about the disturbance including some that said shots had been fired.

   Officers flooded the area, the fire department responded and stood by, and nearby Portola Elementary School went on lockdown.

   Police ultimately determined that there was no shooting, the man did not even have a gun, and no one was injured.

   They say the man had just come from the courthouse across Hill Road where he had had his public assistance benefits taken away and he went to the Human Services Office to complain.

   He was ultimately arrested for trespassing and violation of probation.

   Police say court records indicate the man had been convicted eight times in two years, primarily for resisting arrest and drug abuse.