Ventura County Law Enforcement Agencies Launch A Holiday Sober Driver Campaign

Thursday December 13, 2018

     Starting tomorrow (Friday) and running through New Year's Day, law enforcement agencies in Ventura County will be conducting a number of operations aimed at making sure you are safe on the streets, roads, highways, and freeways during the holiday season.

     They will conduct a number of operations designed to find and keep the impaired driver off the road.

     That will include DUI/Driver's license checkpoints.

     There will be one in Thousand Oaks Saturday night and one in Oxnard on the Saturday before Christmas.

     In addition, some departments will operate saturation patrols where officers and deputies are focused on looking for the impair driver.

     They want to remind people it is against the law to get behind the wheel while impaired whether it's from alcohol or drugs, even prescription medications that can affect your ability to drive safely.

     The whole thing is called "Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over" and it runs from December 14, 2018 to January 1, 2019.