Ventura County Jail Inmate Sentenced In Brutal Attack On His Cellmate

Thursday July 25, 2019

     Prosecutors say that 49-year-old Arturo Gonzalez of Ventura was in the county jail last September for a misdemeanor charge of disrupting a business when for some reason he brutally attacked the 57-year-old Oxnard man who was his cellmate.

   Gonzalez so severely injured the cellmate the victim had to undergo surgery.

   Gonzalez ultimately pleaded guilty to Assault with Force Likely To Produce Great Bodily Injury plus several special allegations all felonies.

   The judge sentenced him to 12 year in state prison.

   Gonzalez was also charged with sexually assaulting the cellmate during the attack but prosecutors declined to procede with that charge because they did not think they could prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.