Ventura County DA Says Target Dumped Hazardous Materials In Landfills After Agreeing Not To

Wednesday December 5, 2018

The Ventura County District Attorney's Office says Target continued to dump hazardous materials into landfills for years after it agreed not to.

In 2011, the company agreed to stop disposing of retail hazardous waste like electronics, batteries, aerosol cans, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and medical waste like syringes, over the counter drugs and customer's confidential medical information into landfills.

This new legal action brought by prosecutors from Ventura County and 24 other counties alleged that Target kept violating the terms of the earlier injunction.

Target will pay another $7.4 million statewide with Ventura County receiving about $320,000 of that in order to settle this latest legal action.

It's also agreed, again, to stop the illegal actions and it will spend $3 million of this settlement to make sure it does with annual audits and inspections statewide.