The Woman Who Climbed Four Stories To The Roof Of A Downtown Ventura Building Holding Her Baby Is Sentenced

Friday January 25, 2019

     A judge Friday sentenced the woman who last year climbed to the roof of a four-story downtown Ventura building while holding her baby.

   Judge Manuel Covarrubias sentenced 27-year-old Maryann Salazar to 271 days in jail and then deemed that sentence served based on the 131 days she has already spent in the county jail plus credit for good-time, work-time.

   Salazar had earlier pleaded guilty to felony child abuse in connection with the September 17, 2018 incident at the office building at 21 California Street.

   The judge also placed Salazar on four years formal probation with a host of terms and conditions with which she must comply or face more time in jail or prison.

   Included in those terms and conditions are to stay away from drugs and alcohol, comply with protective orders regarding the physical safety of her now year-old son, obey all laws, do not own or possess any dangerous weapons, undergo mental health evaluation and counseling, and submit to any tests and searches by law enforcement.

   Salazar must also undergo 52 weeks of child abuse classes.

   She must also return to court in February 25th for a 30-day review of her case.

   In the September incident, Salazar climbed to the roof of the building via the fire-escape while holding her then 9-month-old son and refused to hand him over to police who went up to the roof to rescue him.

   Officers, fearing for the child's safety, ultimately had to grab him out of his mother's arms.