Strong Arm Robbery In Ventura

Thursday January 24, 2019



   Ventura police were looking for the suspect in a strong arm robbery.

   They say shortly after midnight Thursday morning a man yelled for help at the 76 gas station at Telephone Road and Victoria Avenue.

   He later told police he was waiting for a friend to pick him up when another man walked up and started to talk to him about the music he was playing.

   Police say the suspect then grabbed the victim's iPhone and began to run away.

   The victim tackled the suspect and tried to get his phone back but the suspect started beating the victim several times in the head and face.

   The suspect was able to get away.

   Police described the suspect as a 25-year-old man, 6 foot 1, 180 pounds, with blonde hair, gray flannel shirt, and black pants.

   Police were able to find the victim's phone using the "Find My iPhone" app.

   It was found not far away and had apparently been discarded or dropped by the thief as he ran away.