Stranded Dirt Bikers Spend Cold Night In Los Padres

Monday February 11, 2019

(Photo Ventura County Aviation Unit)

     Update--A group of six adult male dirt bikers spent a cold night in the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County after getting stranded in the Alamo Mountain area Sunday.

   Initial reports were that they ran out of fuel just as the snow closed in and they were unable to get out.

   The Ventura County Sheriff's Department sent Air Squad 9 and the deputies from the Lockwood Valley substation to help the dirt bikers get out but the snow was too deep for ground vehicles and the weather too dangerous for a hoist operation for the helicopter.

   Air Squad 9 was able to drop supplies designed to help the men get through the night and the cold weather.

   The Search and Rescue team was dispatched with "snowcat" vehicles that allow traveling through the high snow and they were closing in on the men by Monday morning.

   Air Squad 9 was also re-dispatched to "bird-dog" for the ground rescue personnel.

   By midday Monday the group was successfully rescued and all were OK.