Interstate Five At The Grapevine Reopened

Sunday February 10, 2019

   Update at 4:45 AM Monday---Interstate Five over the Grapevine was reopened Monday morning but as of 4:30 AM, CHP was still escorting vehicles through in both directions.

     The battle to keep Interstate Five over the Grapevine Sunday was lost at 6:50 PM when it was shut down in both directions for almost ten hours.

   The CHP had been escorting vehicles through the area for much of the afternoon and Caltrans snow plows had been working non-stop but the snow and ice became too much with vehicles sliding all over the roadway and getting stuck in the snow.

   So at 6:50 PM Sunday "Operation Snowflake" went into effect with Northbound I-5 being closed at Parker Road and Southbound shut down at the bottom of the Grapevine.

   At 4:30 Monday they reopened the roadway but with CHP escorts.