Raid On Santa Paula Honey Oil Lab

Thursday January 24, 2019

(Photos courtesy Santa Paula Police Department)

     Santa Paula police say they arrested two people after conducting a search at a home where they say they found a fully operational illegal cannabis butane "honey oil" extraction lab.

   They say it happened Tuesday in the 800 block of East Santa Paula Street.

   Detectives say they found a large amount of marijuana along with 104 individual containers of "honey oil" which is a concentrated form of cannabis also known as hash oil.

   The authorities say the process of making that oil is considered dangerous and can result in explosions and fire.

   Santa Paula police also say they found 1,135 grams of dried "honey oil" on parchment paper which is referred to as "wax" as well as a number of jars containing "honey oil".

   They say they also found 82 edible chocolates containing THC, $3,430 in cash, and two loaded firearms.

   Police say they arrested 28-year-old Sean Blevins and 36-year-old Cora Holcomb, both of Santa Paula.

   They were arrested various drugs related charges plus child endangerment because an 11-year-old was also living at the residence.

   Police say Blevins is also a convicted felon in connection with a previous illegal drug case.