Oxnard Police Catch 2 Theft Suspects At Same Home

Thursday January 10, 2019

     Oxnard police say they caught two theft suspects at the same home Thursday afternoon.

   The officers were in the 1600 block of Visalia Street when they spotted 29-year-old Jonathan Sandoval seated inside a parked car in front of the home.

   Police say Sandoval saw the officers and put the vehicle in reverse in an attempt to flee.

   They say he then tried to jump out of the moving car but was hit by the open door and was taken into custody.

   Police say the vehicle was an unreported theft out of Ventura that also contained stolen property.

   Meanwhile, officers spotted a van in the driveway of the house that had been stolen out of Oxnard and also contacted another individual at the house, 41-year-old Jorge Sarmiento who they say was wanted on outstanding arrest warrants.

   They say Sarmiento fled through the house and out the back but was captured by officers.

   Police say both men have records involving theft and drug possession and Sandoval has two prior arrests for vehicle theft.

    They were both arrested on various charges relating to what happened Thursday and also outstanding warrants.