Man Saves Co-Worker From Being Car Theft Victim

Monday December 31, 2018

     Oxnard police say a man prevented a co-worker from becoming a vehicle theft victim.

   Monday night shortly before 8 PM an alert witness saw a strange man get into a vehicle that the witness knew belonged to a co-worker.

   The vehicle had been left parked in the 6000 block of Perkins Road with, as it turns out, the keys still in the ignition.

   Because the witness knew the vehicle belonged to a co-worker he sprang into action when the strange man started the vehicle and began to drive off.

   The witness followed the vehicle and then blocked its path so it could not leave the area.

   Meanwhile, officers were called and they responded and arrested the suspected car thief.

   Police say 25-year-old Jamil Beasley is a transient who is now in the Ventura County Jail on a vehicle theft charge.