Boy Rescued From Cave In Ventura County Backcountry

Friday November 22, 2019

(Photos courtesy Ventura County Air Unit and VCFD PIO)

     Updated--The Ventura County Urban Search and Rescue team rescued an 11-year-old boy from a cave in the Rose Valley section of the Los Padres National Forest.

    The authorities received a call shortly after 1:30 PM Friday afternoon reporting the boy had became trapped in the cave or crevice in the rock formations along the Piedra Blanca trail.

    Several assets from the Ventura County Fire Department and Los Padres National Forest responded including several engine companies, a squad and Air Squad 8.

    Gaining access to the area took time, even with the copter, but when they finally arrived on scene it became obvious the Urban Search and Rescue team (USAR) had the equipment and expertise to safely remove the boy.

    The boy was not injured.

    The concern was the approaching darkness and the cold weather that would arrive with nightfall, so time was of the essence.

    Air Squad 8 airlifted the USAR team and their equipment to the scene and they were able to quickly rescue the boy and he was airlifted to the trailhead.

   His family planned to take him to Ojai Valley Hospital to be checked out but it appears he was uninjured.