Highway 33 Is Open-Again-Sort Of

Monday February 11, 2019

(Photo courtesy Caltrans)

     No sooner was storm-damaged Highway 33 north of the Ojai Valley through the Los Padres National Forest reopened last Thursday then weekend snow closed it Sunday night and Monday morning.

   But by Monday afternoon Highway 33 was reopened through the Los Padres IF you have chains on your vehicle.

   In addition to chain control, there are portions under one-way signalized traffic control because storm damage has it narrowed to a single lane.

   Meanwhile, the storm due to arrive in Ventura County by Wednesday should have a very high snow level so only the highest elevations on the 33 in the Los Padres would be impacted.

   Still, if you plan to use Highway 33 to get to Kern County from Ventura County, you will need chains.