Forty Citations In Just 2 Hours To Motorists In Oxnard Who Left Their Autos Unattended With The Motor On

Friday January 18, 2019

 Oxnard has a stolen vehicle problem and one big reason is people who leave their vehicle unattended with the engine running and motorists who leave their keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked.

    So Friday morning officers spent two hours just looking for vehicles that were left unattended with the engine running.

    They found 40.

    Citations were issued to those drivers.

    Police say some of the violators told them they left the vehicle running to warm up the engine.

    Officers say that's not necessary in Oxnard's climate.

    Other drivers said they did it to warm up the interior of the vehicle before getting in.

    Police say in 2018 there were 786 vehicles stolen in Oxnard, a more than 13 percent increase over 2017.

    They say one out of every four of those vehicles was left unattended with the engine running or at least the keys left in the ignition with the door unlocked.

     Oxnard police say they're committed to cutting down on vehicle thefts and they are involved in special enforcement programs targeting car thieves, especially repeat offenders, but residents keep making it easy for criminals to steal vehicles.