Camarillo Bleeding Woman Mystery Solved

Wednesday May 16, 2018

     Detectives say they've solved the disturbing mystery of a woman found covered in blood near her Camarillo home last week.

   They now believe the cutting wounds to her head were self-inflicted.

   Last Thursday afternoon, a passerby on Barton Avenue found a woman in the street.

   She was covered in blood from a wound to her head and there was a blood trail that led back to her home.

   She was taken to the hospital.

   When deputies went inside they found more blood and a bloody knife.

   An investigation was launched into what happened and why and to determine if this was a crime or something else.

   Adding to the difficulty of the investigation was the fact that the 63-year-old woman was at first unconscious.

   When she regained consciousness, detectives discovered she spoke only Mandarin Chinese.

   They say once they brought in a translator they determined her wound was self-inflicted.