4-Hour Oxnard Standoff Finally Ends

Friday October 12, 2018

(Photo courtesy Oxnard PD)

     Update--An Oxnard man who was involved in three standoffs with police over two days is finally in custody.

   Once Thursday and twice on Friday, Oxnard officers had to respond to a residence in the 1000 block of North "A" Street because 35-year-old Jonathan Gonzalez had allegedly threatened a family member with a knife.

   In all three incidents, Gonzalez refused to surrender to police.

   In the first two standoffs, police decided at the urging of his family to simply back off and allow them to handle it with the help of mental health professionals.

   Then, Friday afternoon around 3:15 PM, officers were called back to the residence for the third time after Gonzalez had again allegedly threatened a family member with a knife.

   Gonzalez retreated from the residence into a vehicle in the garage and again refused all efforts by police to get him to surrender.

   This went on for four hours until finally the SWAT team using flash-bang grenades and tear gas several times finally went in and took Gonzalez into custody.

   Police say Gonzalez was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats.