A Week's Worth Of Wet Weather For Ventura County

Friday January 11, 2019

(NOAA water vapor satellite image of the eastern Pacific)

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(Below is NWS Sulphur Mountain radar at 8:44 PM Friday)

     The storm that's expected to bring between 1-3 inches of rain to Ventura County Friday night through Saturday morning is only the beginning of what the National Weather Service is calling "a parade" of storms we will experience over the next seven days.

   There will be something of a small break in the action Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon with only some isolated scattered showers expected.

   But then Sunday night through Thursday expect rain virtually every day and that will undoubtedly mean some problems in the burn areas.

   How severe those problems will be will depend on the intensity of the rain at any given time.

   But as the ground becomes saturated with no chance of recovery, runoffs will increase and that can mean trouble.

   One forecaster said that between now and Thursday it is not unreasonable to believe that some parts of Ventura County will get up to ten inches of rain.

   At the very least, expect street flooding, mud, rock, and debris flows across some roadways, some flooding of property in low lying areas, and yes, an uptick in weather-related traffic accidents.

   There really will not be a break from the rain until next Friday.