Some Damage In Ventura County From Friday Night's 7.1 Quake 182 Miles Away Near Ridgecrest

Saturday July 6, 2019

     Friday night's 7.1 earthquake in the Searles Valley near Ridgecrest caused some relatively minor damage in Ventura County.

   The Oxnard Fire Department reported that some docks in the Channel Islands Harbor area were damaged and there was at least one quake related power outage in Fillmore.

   Also, at Naval Base Ventura County, all non-essential personnel that were being evacuated from their sister facility at China Lake near the epicenter of these earthquakes were being told to come to the base in Port Hueneme where they will received assistance and housing.

   Some structures in Ventura County might have suffered minor damage during the long and strong rolling motion during both the 6.4 quake on 4th of July morning and the much stronger 7.1 quake Friday night.

   After both large quakes, the CHP checked the freeways in Ventura County and found no problems.

   But overall any damage in Ventura County is very minor compared to what residents in the north Mojave Desert have been going through since the swarm of earthquakes struck Thursday morning.

   There have been hundreds of quakes in that area since then, many above 4.0 and 5.0.