Horsepower for an Hour

Horsepower for an Hour with Spence, Chris and Donny
Saturday: 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Finally, an automotive radio show that really delivers!
"Horsepower for an Hour" is KVTA's Saturday afternoon darling that packs a punch. Join Spence, Chris and Donny every Saturday as they bring you local, state, and national motoring news. Tune in to hear directly from our local Ventura County dealers who will keep us informed as to the incentives being offered and new products that are available.

We'll also hear from our leading specialty shops and racing product suppliers.

We will interview local police departments and hear from the D.R.A.G.G. program.

We'll offer tips and advice to young people interested in automotive careers.

We'll interview our local college automotive technology instructors and learn about electric and hydrogen vehicles.

We will interview top figures and drivers in the "Sprint Car" world. Sprint Car Racing is exciting and available right here at our very own Ventura's Seaside Park.

Spence's Short Bio:
Spence began his career in radio many years ago playing music and operas. He later joined radio station KNJO in Thousand Oaks where he worked with highly respected and influential Ventura County radio personalities. He was selected to host the Morning Show on 95.9 FM and he is a main staple on KVTA‟s "The Morning Show".

Chris's Short Bio:
Chris is a long time classic car enthusiast with a passion for 70‟s vintage hot rods. He owns arguably the finest 2nd generation Camaro in Southern California. Chris is a Ventura County graduate and powertrain specialist.

Donny's Short Bio:
Donny is a local specialty shop owner with primary emphasis on transmission and differential systems. He is an automotive technology graduate with over 30 years experience. He and his wife, Susie, own DMC Transmission in Ventura and were awarded "Ventura County Specialty Shop of the Year 2010".