Ventura County Law Enforcement Compliance Check Finds Most Registered Sex Offenders In Violation

Tuesday April 16, 2019

     A recent compliance check of some high risk registered sex offenders in Ventura County found that most of them were not in compliance.

   The crackdown happened last Friday and involved teams made up of almost every law enforcement related agency in the county.

   They checked the homes of 16 registered sex offenders at various locations around the county and found 14 of the registered sex offenders in violation.

   The authorities say these were high risk offenders were on either state parole or county probation.

   The violations included possession of sexually explicit material, utilizing social media, possession of child pornography, and possession of weapons and ammunition.

   The authorities say that the sex offenders found in violation either had their electronic devices seized or their cases were referred to local agencies for further investigation.

   Three individuals were arrested on scene.