Thousand Oaks Police Chief To Retire

Thursday November 21, 2019

     The Ventura County Sheriff's Office says that Commander Tim Hagel who has served as Police Chief for Thousand Oaks is retiring in January.

   Hagel's decision to retire comes amid a recent controversy over the department's decision not to take part in a charity football game to honor Sergeant Ron Helus who was killed in the Borderline Bar and Grill mass shooting.

   Sheriff Bill Ayub had said the department's decision not to take part had to do with concern that the event had taken on a partisan politcal tone.

   But event organizers claimed that the department, and particularly Hagel, were anti President Trump and were upset that some supporters of the President were asked to participate.

   In the end the event was canceled but not before the event organizer claimed that Hagel had made inappropriate anti Trump comments in a phone conversation with him.

   In the department news release announcing Hagel's decision to retire, no mention or reference was made to the controversy.

   Instead the Sheriff and the City Manager of Thousand Oaks, gave Hagel high praise for his work as Police Chief of Thousand Oaks which contracts with the sheriff's department for police services.

   They noted all of Hagel's accomplishments in his hometown during his three-decade career with the department, the last six as the Chief in Thousand Oaks.

   Hagel is quoted as saying that being able to serve the community where he was born and raised "has been the priviledge of my life."

   The department said the new Chief in Thousand Oaks will be selected and announced in the coming weeks.