Simi Valley "Best Buy" Victim Of $93,000 Burglary

Monday July 8, 2019


 (Photos courtesy Simi Valley Police)

   Simi Valley police say the "Best Buy" store at 1173 Town Center Way fell victim to a bold burglary that netted the thieves $93,000 in Apple products.

   They say the thieves cut a hole in the roof of the building around 2:50 AM Monday, lowered a 24-foot long ladder through the hole, and then climbed down into the store.

   Police say the burglars then cut open a caged area in the warehouse and stole $93,000 in Apple products.

   They then left the same way they got in.

   Police say that Best Buy officials told them their stores around Southern California have been victimized in the same way and these might also be the same people.