An Oxnard Woman Accused Of Stealing $700,000+ From Her Elderly And Disabled Employer

Monday April 15, 2019

     The Ventura County District Attorney's Office says that an Oxnard woman stole more than $700,000 from the elderly and disabled owner of a real estate company where she worked as the bookkeeper for more than a decade.

   Prosecutors have charged 43-year-old Inez Marie Byars with grand theft, forgery, elder/dependent fraud, and identity theft.

   She was arrested on April 10th and remains in custody with bail set at $1.5 million.

   Byars has peaded not guilty to all charges and denied all special allegations.

   She is due in court Tuesday to seek a reduction in her bail.

   According to the District Attorney's Office, while Byars worked as the bookkeepr for a real estate company called Discountland, she embezzled the more than $700,000 by "misappropriating corporate and personal funds for her own benefit."

   Prosecutors allege that in doing this, Byars forged checks, misused the company ATM/debit card, and used the victim's identity to open and use credit accounts for her personal benefit.

   They accuse her of covering up the thefts by failing to pay property tax payments on several parcels managed by the company.

   Prosecutors say Byars used the money to buy luxury items like cars and to go on trips.