Attempted Manslaughter Parolee Arrested In Oxnard

Sunday July 14, 2019

(Photos courtesy Oxnard PD)

     Oxnard police say a traffic stop Saturday evening led to the arrest of a man on parole for attempted voluntary manslaughter after officers allegedly found guns in his home.

   They say around 6:07 PM, 28-year-old Kevin Fickel of Oxnard was pulled over for a traffic violation at Offshore and Keel Avenue.

   Officers determined that Fickel was on parole for attempted voluntary manslaughter in connection with a stabbing so they decided to conduct a parole search.

   That included going to his residence where police say they found two handguns and a flashlight that also functions as a stun gun in his bedroom.

   Fickel was arrested for violating his parole.

   Charges related to possession of firearms are pending.